About Downtown Cullman

The low hanging fruit of a past meets present narrative is an easy tool for travel writers and city marketing campaigns— so let’s do it!. 

First, let’s talk about what’s special about Cullman, Alabama. Downtown Cullman is safe. Business development is on the rise. And a nightlife now exists where there once was none. Cullman hosts internationally attended sporting events, a ginormous annual Summer concert with prime-time acts, and one-of-a-kind tourist attractions. There is more to see and do here than there ever has been.

New businesses and restaurants are opening up all the time in the downtown area where events are crowded and merchants are busy. Turnout for downtown events is on an upward trend, with music festivals, car shows, and street carnivals becoming the norm. This is the future, and the past is still there, too.

Downtown Cullman holds significant historical value as the commerce and agricultural center for the area. The oldest standing structure in Cullman, Weiss Cottage, sits quiety just a few feet away from one of the most happening night locales in the county, Moe’s Original BBQ. At night the happy tunes of a band can be heard from the bicentennial bridge just across the street, where dreamy couples fasten signed padlocks above the sunken railroad line that provided the impetus for a settlement in Cullman to begin with.

Berkeley’ Bob’s Coffee House sits on the same plot of land where Colonel John G. Cullmann once lived and bathed and hung out with his wife and other such normie things. On the same block there is the famous Hinkle Shop Shop where shoes, boots, belts, and other hand-stitched goods go to be reborn.  Customers sit by the front window and idly chat about anything really, admiring the sometimes brow-raising parking atrocities committed by otherwise kind and intelligent shoppers. To further highlight this otherworldly marriage of past and present is Dave Warren’s Aerial Photography business just a couple doors down. Mr. Warren has quickly made a name for himself using high tech drones and state of the art 3D tools for all manner of photographical needs.  Many of the photos on this very website were taken by Dave Warren.

A block over is the always interesting Southern Accents Architectural Antique store. This place is a tourist destination in its own right and has been featured in nearly every media outlet and magazine within a 1,000 mile radius— maybe more. 

Downtown Cullman is a must-see destination with plenty of shops to shop and foods to eat. The history is vibrant and interesting. If you are looking for some more information on the fascinating history of Cullman, The Cullman County Museum is located just across from City Hall and offers walking tours as well as museum tours and exhibits.

Historically, economically, and culturally, Downtown Cullman is a necessary and beneficial asset to the community at large. A healthy downtown helps to attract new businesses and industry to further improve and diversify the local economy. New zoning laws and alcohol ordinances have allowed for greater expansion and growth in the downtown Cullman area. Cullman regularly ranks as a top ‘micropolitan’ in the United States for economic development, and a prospering downtown is a primary factor in that success.

A thriving and vibrant downtown improves economic development, quality of life, and tourism for the entire county.